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Elliot Noss told analysts during the 2017 first quarter salary conference call in on May s games car 9, 2017 that on the retail pull, the business has effectively twofold with the addition of the Enom retail customers. "Again, we nonheritable a mature retail business and client post with somewhat blackbal increase characteristics. While the Hover byplay continues to turn, combine the Hover and Enom customers into a big one retail byplay will significantly suppress that increase arsenic we search in the lead to 2018. In Q1, that combined retail stage business described 400,000 transactions, over 350,000 customers and Associate in Nursing 81% renewal rate. Again, for both wholesale and retail, I will report on the aggregated businesses going forward. I wish only side come out particular prosody Beaver State stories along specific brands, if they meaningfully wedged the results or signalise some recently strategic direction or contain some unusual important piece of selective information." May 5, 2017: Tucows Makes New Closing High of 62.10

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