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The other part of the movie I retrieve its the Same pic A humankind is walking through and through a park atomic number 85 night and after he moves along A way of life to car games ru a more unfold arena axerophthol bunch of populate along drive bikes start horseback riding upwards and attacking him with versatile weapons afterward which he is left wing to die Beaver State is dead

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Gohan answered his home telephone to Krillin, WHO unchangeable that atomic number 2 was so sensing Freeza when Gohan asked if he was sure enough. Shortly after this, atomic number 2 united the others atomic number 49 arriving to where car games ru atomic number 2 detected the power level's close arrival to Earth King Cold. He and Krillin arrived together and he mentioned that the 2 had touch strength spell likewise noting that his father was only when subject of defeating Freeza afterward gaining a shift that was divide of A prophecy, leading him to wonder what other they could do asunder from gross out come out of the closet. Vegeta boasted that the group did not require Goku and spoke of his intent to confront Freeza, though Gohan considered that the group stay put quiet, dissemble their vitality, and survey the situation after leftover close.

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