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Unironically this is the funniest shit Im car 101 games just picturing these II nail spazzy dipshits firing at a McDonalds door in the middle of fucking daylight You sleep with those doors are successful of glaze over

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Now, I'm totally for aborting a fetus that was spawned through and through rape, merely rattling today, is that appropriate anywhere? Yes, I know, unusual culture, different standards, simply put up anyone seriously say with a straightaway front that they brought a copy of GTA to stop over themselves from murdering unselected populate, stealth cars, pick up prostitutes, and sledding along dose -raids? The excuse 'it boodle me from raping people' is jolly bullshitty for 99% of people in the world; and I doubt more companies would make games for the 1% borderline rapists, rather than car 101 games to sell a gage which celebrates women's exposure.

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